Complete information on Kinds of Divorce observed by Muslims


Among the Muslims divorce can be of various kinds. It can be valid as well as invalid. A valid divorce is one which is legally as well as socially accepted. On the other hand an invalid divorce is one in which both the parties to the marriage are practically living a separate life, but formalities to make the divorce legal have not been completed. Similarly it can be written as well as oral divorce. Various methods of divorce are as under:

ahsan form

In this a pronouncement is made once during puberty of woman about divorce and that is considered sufficient intention of divorce.


Then comes Ahsan Form divorce, in which three successive pronouncements are made, three times consecutively about divorce. During this period of pronouncement no sexual relations are maintained between husband and wife.

When husband pronounces talaq during the period of mensuration that is called Talaq-ul-Widdat. It must however, be remembered that before 1939, Muslim woman had no right to divorce her husband. It was only the privilege of man. It is after the passing of Dissolution of Muslim Marriage Act, 1939, that the woman were permitted to seek divorce.

Other form of dissolution

A legally and socially accepted divorce is of course there, but there are other methods of marriage dissolution as well. When a husband compares his wife with a near relative with whom, he cannot have sexual relationship, the marriage is supposed to have been dissolved. It is called Jihar.


Then as Ilia in which husband takes a vow to have no sexual relations with the wife and actually does not maintain such relations at least for a period of 4 months, the marriage is supposed to have been dissolved. Liyan is another method of dissolution of marriage.

In it either of the parties or both the parties accuse each other of adultery. If accusing party does not withdraw the charge, marriage is considered as dissolved. When a husband delegates all authority to his wife and

leaves everything at her will, it is called Tafweez and when she exercises that authority, the marriages is considered as dissolved. Then comes Khol by which both the husband and the wife mutually agree to dissolve their marriage.

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