Complete Information on Industrial Regions in India


Industrial region refers to the continuous de­velopment of industrial landscape over a large area by the concentration of a number of factories of different industries. It has following characteristics:

(i) Predominance of industries and concentration of factories,

(ii) Emergence of many big and small towns supporting residential colonies of industrial workers and markets for industrial goods and raw materials,


(iii) Dense network of transport and com­munication lines,

(iv) Installation of ancillary units leading to the development of industrial complexes,

(v) Dense concentration of population in the city center and declining density towards the periphery,

(vi) Predominance of the features of the industrial landscape, i.e., chimneys, rail yards, large carriages, industrial residential buildings,


(vii) emphasis on the production of consumer goods like vegetables, fruits, milk etc. in the fringe area of the city, and

(viii) Sparse rural population.

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