Complete information on Fire Extinguisher Systems


(a) Manual fire Extinguishers:

(b) Fire Hydrants:

Are provided on 150 mm ring main outside in the ground in the periphery of the building.


The ring must be fed from an underground water tank at pressure 3.5 kg/cm2.

(c) Wet riser system:

Providing 100 to 150 mm., diameter vertical G. I. Pipe at suitable locations, fed from an underground water storage tank through a fire pump at 3 kg/cm2.

(d) Sprinkler system on a wet pipe:


(e) Water sprays system:

(f) Portable fire water type constant air pressure extinguisher:

It is used for class a fires. In this case no need of recharging gas cartridge. Anti freeze can be added where necessary.

The method of expulsion of water is by air pressure stored in the container. The method of operation shall be upright by one hand by pressing a trigger type squeeze grip mechanism.


The capacity is 2 litres, 5 litres and 9 litres. The shape of the body is cylin­drical.

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