Complete information on Emergency Procedures for elevators


Elevator maintenance personnel must be trained on how to get passengers out of a car that has stopped between floor levels. Maintenance personnel must first locate the position of the car and reassure passengers of the” safety.

Explain to passengers what the staff is going to do. Personnel then should check the car top from the elevator shaft to ensure the cables are properly intact. The elevator machine must be checked next to determine whether everything is properly connected and nothing is broken.

Next the electrical system is checked-supply energy, fuses, relays, proper connections, functioning controller, sheave-driving motor for electrical shorts, the motor and generator set, governor setting, and electric wiring.


If everything appears to be proper, tell passengers that the car will be moving and to stand away from the car doors. The acceleration switch is deactivated, and the car is moved by manually operating the controller.

If broken elevator components are found in the above inspection procedure, they must be corrected and the passengers must be removed from the stalled car it at all possible. It is strongly recommended to get local police and fire personnel assistance and direct evacuation procedures must be followed.

It is very important to disconnect all electrical power to the elevator system prior to starting evacuation procedures. All fuses must be physically removed from their sockets. The normal procedure is to attempt manually (with a cable and a winch or heavy duty hoist) move the car to the next highest floor level and evacuate passengers at the floor.

Evacuation of passengers into the elevator shaft is very dangerous, especially if one or more passengers panic. Maintenance personnel are to provide all possible assistance. If maintenance personnel are not trained and if they do not have experience in stalled-car evacuation procedures, do not let them experiment with your customers.


Elevator machine control systems – The elevator control system operates a single car, independent of the elevator supervision control system. For example, if there are several cars in a system and if a guest at a particular floor pushes a car-up button, guest is activating the elevator supervision control system, which then selects one car to service the guest.

The supervision control system in turn activates the elevator machine control system, which moves the specified car to the guest. Hence, with six elevator cars, one elevator supervision control system serves all cars. Each car has a separate elevator machine control system.

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