Choice between Primary and Secondary Data

After having analyzed the primary and secondary data, now the investigator is faced with a question whether primary data should be used or secondary data. The choice between the two types of data is not an easy task. It is so because; there are several factors which influence our choice. Some of the important factors are as under:

I. Time:

The foremost factor which affects the choice of technique is the availability ‘ of time with the investigator. If investigator possesses sufficient time, primary data ma is used. Otherwise, investigator has to rest upon secondary data.


2. Finance:

The availability of finance also stands in the way of technique to’ used. If the investigator has not sufficient amount of funds, investigator has to content himself with secondary data.

3. Accuracy:

If the investigator wishes to have a great degree of accuracy, prima data can be relied upon, otherwise he would have to make use of secondary data.


4. Collecting Agency:

The choice of data also depends upon the position of the collecting agency. If the data collecting agency is an individual or an institution secondary data will be preferred because of lack of finance and labour. On the hand, if the data collecting agency is Govt, or institutions primary data will get preference.

5. Nature of Enquiry:

Another important factor affecting the choice between the two relates to the nature of enquiry. Sometimes nature of enquiry is such that secondary data cannot be used because these are not available.