The Guidelines of the Government of India states that every DIET will have a Programme Advisory Committee which will advise and guide the institute in the planning and conduct of its entire range of programme and activities. The committee may have the following composition :

(1) Principal, DIET: Convener

(2) One representative each from all agencies with which the DIET would have linkage e.g.:

(i) District Board of Education (representative to be chosen from among the Board’s non-official members).


(ii) SCERT, SIET and SRC.

(iii) Nearest University Department of Education.

(iv) Nearest CTE or IASE, and in the absence of these, any other good secondary teacher education institution located nearby.

(v) District Education Officer.


(vi) District level officers in-charge of AE, NEE and Women and Child Development.

(vii) CEO, DRDA.

(viii) Station Director of the Local Radio Station (wherever applicable).

(ix) District Information and publicity officer.


(x) In case a DRU is wholly or partly outside the DIET, the head of such DRU.

(xi) Coordinator, Nehru Yuwak Kendra.

(xii) NGOs in the district working in the area of elementary/adult education.

(3) Representatives of client group and staff:


(i) Two students of the pre-service teacher education course.

(ii) One elementary teacher, one Head master and one Instructor or supervisor each of AE and NFE who may have undergone in-service training in the institution in the last one year.

(iii) Three representatives of the faculty of the institution of whom one would be Vice-Principal/Senior Lecturer in charge of DRU, one other Senior Lecturer and one Lecturer.

(4) Others:


(i) Two eminent educationists/teacher educators/teachers, with a substantial record of service, who may be interested in associating themselves with an contributing to the activities of the DIET.

(ii) Two other eminent citizens of the district whose association with the DIET may be of benefit lo the institution.