Brief notes on the classification of Roads Transport system in India


Next to railways, road transport plays a pivot role in the country’s transport system. Besides the fact that social and economic progress of the country depends on the development of road, there is also a significant link of bringing about the sentimental integration of the common masses. In the words of Benthan “roads are the veins and arteries of a country through whose channels every improvement takes circulation.” In fact, loads reach the door steps.

Classification of Roads

Roads in India have been classified into following:


1. National Highways:

These refer to the main roads which connect the state, capitals, ports and big cities. Constructions and maintenance of these roads are the responsibility of Centre Govt.

2. State Highways:

These are the main roads of the state. These connect the capital and the cities of the state. State Govts, are responsible for their maintenance.


3. District Roads:

These roads connect district mandies and production areas. These are maintained by District Boards.

4. Village Roads:

These roads connect the villages with district roads. Panchayats construct these roads.


5. Border Roads:

These roads are constructed with the help of Border Road Organization. This organization has constructed 18,500 kms long border roads.

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