Brief notes on National Housing Policy of 1998


A new national housing and habitat policy 1998 was formulated and approved during July 1, 1998.

Objectives: The objectives of the policy are.

(i) To facilitate construction of 20 lakh dwelling units each year with more emphasis on the poor. Out of 20 lakh additional houses, 7 lakh houses would be constructed in urban areas while remaining 13 lakh in rural areas.


(ii) HUDCO is expected to meet more than 55 per cent of the target i.e. 4 lakh units and balance 3 lakh units per year will be met by other housing financial institutions recognized by the National Housing Bank, Corporate Sector and Co-operatives.

(iii) A scheme of Night Shelter and Sanitation Facilities for the urban footpath dwellers will be implemented as a centrally sponsored scheme in the metro polite and other major urban centers. This consist 61 schemes benefiting more than 40,000 footpath dwellers duly sanctioned by HUDCO as on 31.10.1998 in various parts of the country since April 1991.

(iv) A sum of Rs. 1600 crore has been provided as central outlay in 1998 for rural housing with a target to construct 923908 houses under the Indira Awas Yojana (LAY).

(v) The existing housing programmes of the IAY for construction of new houses free of cost for the target group below poverty line comprising SCs /STs, freed bonded labourers and also non-SC/ST families will continue.


(vi) A new component for up gradation of Kutcha and unserviceable houses will be introduced.

The Govt, has promulgated an ordinance to repeal the urban land (Ceiling and Regulation) Act 1976 (ULCRA). It will be implemented in all union territories and two states of Haryana and Punjab. It aimed at speedy growth in sectors like housing, transport, land assembly, development and disposal of excess land would be facilitated.

The Delhi Rent Act, 1995 was enacted for overcoming the shortcomings in the existing Rent Act. Govt, of India has decided to amend this act considering many suggestions so that it may be more acceptable and encouraging improvement in hoisting sector.

Accordingly Delhi Rent (Amendment Bill) has been referred to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Urban and Rural Affairs.


Under the Special Action Plan, 2 million additional houses are targeted to be constructed every year. Out of which, 0.7 million houses would be constructed in urban areas and 1.3 million in rural areas. Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO) is expected to meet more than 55 percent of the target.

During 1999-2000, the overall achievement in urban areas is 0.7 million dwelling units with HUDCO financing 0.5 million additional units.

During 1999-2000, HUDCO sanctioned loans of Rs. 8900 crore for housing and urban infrastructure schemes against a modest target of Rs. 3030 crore.

The actual loan amount released by HUDCO during this period was Rs. 4374 crore against modest target of Rs. 2450 crore.

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