Brief notes on Internal and External Sources of data

What are Data

Statistical data are a numerical statement of aggregates. Data, generally, are obtained through properly organized statistical inquiries conducted by the investigators. Data can either be from primary or secondary sources.

Sources of Data


Broadly, there are two main sources of data

1. Internal Sources

2. External Sources

1. Internal Sources:


Internal sources of data are those which are obtained from the internal reports of an organization. For instance, a factory publishes its annual report on total production, total profit and loss, total sales, loans, wages to employees, bonus and other facilities to employees etc.

2. External Sources:

External sources refer to the information collected] outside agencies. It can be collected from primary as well as secondary sources; type of information can be collected through census or sample method by conduct! Surveys and investigation.

For instance, to study the problem of transportation in Orissa, if we obtain the information from Orissa Road Transport Corporation, it would be known as external sources of data.