Today people are on the move constantly and room bound telephone is not much of use to these mobile people. The cordless telephone was the first step in giving mobility to the telephone and now cellular has been developed. The modest beginning of mobile phone is only title more than one decade old, but within this short period, it has changed their functioning immensely.

This change in the functioning mobile phone has come through several technological changes taking place over the period of time. However, the first generation mobile phone had only voice facility having analog cell phone standard i.e. radio signals used by IG network were analog.

2G.-First Generation i.e. IG replaced by 2G digital phones with added data and messaging services. This again replaced by S2G. Which denotes GPRS, (General Packet Radio Service), a new packet based internet protocol data link. GPRS is a form of wireless based transmission of information signals, in the form of radio wave at a particular frequency at a speed of about 100 KBPS. These signals are available across the global system of mobile communication operated mobile phone. The user is charged only on the basis of volume of data exchange. After 2.5G, then came 2.75G enhanced GPRS with EDGE (Enhanced Data Rate for GSM Evolution). EDGE technology is a digital mobile phone technology which is super set to GPRS. It can transmit 3 times more data than GPRS.

3G: It is the 3rd generation of mobile standards which has the ability to transfer simultaneously voice, packet based transmission of text, high speed internet access, digitized video and multimedia. Thus, the 3G handsets include camera, music player, video player, web browser etc. It is wide area cellular network to incorporate high speed broad band access to large number of customers. It has the speed of 2MbPS.


3.5G (High Speed Downlink Packet) a type of super fast network and is also fastest the latest 3G network used by American Telegraph and Telephone Company

4G-It is the 4th generation wireless cell with broadband mobile communication that will super cede 3G. St has been also referred as “Magic” which stands for Mobile Multimedia Anytime Anywhere Global Mobility Support Integrated wireless and customized wireless service.

This 4G mobile gives 3D virtual reality in which people, places, and products will be able to interact as the cyber and real world merge. It will provide the ability to feel as if we are present at an event even if we are not.