Essay on Bandhs in Nepal


The cancer of bandhs in Nepal is making the live of every individual of the country miserable. The business persons, students, teachers, tourists, etc. are deviated towards the troublesome paths due to these bandhs.

Fencing the issues towards the political leaders they are always busy in their own arguments and discussions and they are not awared to stop these bandhs yet. The tourists are regarding their visit to Nepal much more troublesome and loss of time rather than the enjoyment which may depriciate their number very soon.

On the other hand students are figuring out their future in Nepal in a critical condition as their regular classes are being obstructed due to these strikes. The above mentioned drawbacks of these bandhs will decline the overall status of the country which is really a burning issue to be thought out.


Hence, what is your opinion to put a full stop to these bandhs? Well, I appeal all the citizens to act deliberately and calmly on these matters and pressurize the government to take some strong actions against these matters. No sooner these issues are observed we will be deprived from the bright rays of the rapid progress.

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