A Beautiful Poem on Children’s’ Day



A Beautiful Poem on Children’s’ Day

A child is blessed everyday,


To fulfill the dreams and & overcome hopes and fears.

This children’s day isn’t just for the children;

But to remind the adults to dry their tears.

From hearts and minds,


Spirits and souls.

Children love each other with no strings,

So on this children’s day;

I pray that all of us hold,


To one another’s hands and together sing.

Today in this land and all around the world,

We too have the spirits of ‘Chacha  Nehru’ to  follow.

To love our fellow youths as once he did;


This is a spirit  that has encouraged the hearts that had become  hollow…

I hold in my heart the hopes and wishes,

Of every teacher today in this place;

With hugs and love and heartfelt kisses;


to let me know that this is ‘Children’s day.’


Avantika Sood

Email: avantika[email protected]

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