7 frequently asked questions on occupational structure of India


Q. 1. What do you know about occupational structure?

Ans. The occupational structure of the country implies involvement of its population in economic activities of various sectors. It is, therefore, called the distribution of its population according to different occupations.

Q. 2. What activities are included in the primary sector?


Ans. Primary sector includes economic activities like agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, and quarrying.

Q. 3. What activities are included in secondary sector?

Ans. Secondary sector includes economic activities like manufacturing, construction, electricity, gas, water supply etc.

Q. 4. What activities are included in tertiary sector?


Ans. Tertiary sector includes such economic activities as (i) Trade, transport and communication (ii) Banking, insurance, real estate and business services, (iii) Public administration and other services (iv) Foreign Trade.

Q. 5. Write a short note on occupational structure in India.

Ans. In India, working population has been increasing at a very slow rate. In 1901, total population was recorded to be 23.6 crore, out of which 11.14 crore were working force. In 1961, total population was 43.9 crore comprising of 18 crore as working force.

In 1971, total population of India was 54.8 crore of which the number of working people was 18.4 crore. Thus, according to 1981 census, 66% of the total population did not work. Only 34 percent of the population was engaged in some occupations.


Q. 6. Give any two features of occupational structure in India.

Ans. The main two features of occupational sector in India are (i) agriculture is the main occupation and (ii) less development of industrial and tertiary sector.

Q. 7. Point out any two measures to improve occupational structure in India.

Ans. The occupational structure can be improved in India by the method of (i) agricultural productivity may be raised and (ii) effective measures to control population.

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