6 methods for avoiding accidental suffocation and choking


i. Plastic bags when emptied of their contents should be stored out of reach of younger children, to prevent their playing with them as they may cover their heads with these plastic bags and suffocate to death.

ii. Coins, dried peas, beads, seeds, etc., should not be within reach of children in case they swallow them and not be choked.

iii. Kerosene, lighted stoves, gas stoves should not be kept in closed rooms whilst sleeping, for it may cause suffocation resulting in death.


iv. If a gas stove gives a yellow flame instead of a blue flame, it should be cleaned, otherwise carbon monoxide poisoning may occur resulting in suffocation.

v. The odour of leaking gas should not be overlooked. Fresh air should be let in immediately by opening all doors and win­dows wide. The source of leakage should be located as soon as possible and remedial action taken immediately.

vi. The use of a kerosene or coal stove to warm a closed room during winter is dangerous for this may cause carbon monoxide poisoning, leading to suffocation and death.

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