452 Words Article on Gardening as a Hobby


A hobby is an interesting pursuit which a person engages himself in for pleasure and recreation, in his leisure hours. It is not one’s chief occupation. Everybody seeks relief from the monotony of his daily round of duties.

The daily routine and hum-drum of life make us yearn for something unusual. We seek something that can make us feel interested. A hobby is, therefore, essential for the proper enjoyment of life. A man without a hobby is a round peg in a square hole.

There are many hobbies but my most favourite hobby is gardening. We have a spacious bungalow and there is ample arable land attached to it. I have turned a fairly big plot into a fruit and vegetable garden. The garden is the scene of my activities when I return home after office hours.


My joy knows no bounds when I enter the garden. I dig the earth I manure it. I weed and hoe the plants. I prune the hedges. I sow the seeds. I water the tender plants. I watch the seeds germinate, grow and sprout.

I have planted various kinds of fragrant flowers, vegetables and a few fruit trees too. The beautiful sight of peas, cabbages, white cauli-flowers, red tomatoes, blue brinjals, green spinach, blood-red maltas, ripe yellow mangoes and luscious peaches and pomegranates fills me with a great pleasure and pardonable pride.

I get from my garden fresh fruit and vegetables full of vitamins which are nature’s best health food. I am mad with joy when I see the buds smile into flowers. My heart dances with joy when lovely flowers of variegated hues toss their heads in the morning breeze and fill the air with their sweet smell. In the spring season, the flowers blossom in such an abundance that I feel intoxicated with joy.

Tending of delicate plants, nursing of flowers, trimming the twigs artistically and preparing and weeding of flower beds afford the greatest delight. When the flowers bloom in all their freshness and beauty what a joy it is to behold that gay company! I have an album in which keep the specimens of leaves and flowers. I am proud of my neat lit garden. Every visitor to the house is deeply impressed by it. My garden adds to the beauty and grandeur of our bungalow.


My hobby gives me a good deal of bodily exercise. I keep physically a fiddle. I get fresh fruit and fresh vegetables at a nominal cost. My hobby brings me nearer nature.

I feel that there is a bond of union between nature’s heart and mine. I feel myself one with nature. Above all the joy of self-achievement is the greatest joy in the world.

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