Leisure means rest from one’s main’s work. It means occupation of the mind and the body in a kind of work other than one’s main occupation of life. A gardener may be busy in photography after his day’s work in the garden is over and a photographer may be busy digging the earth, weeding and hoeing and watering the plants in his small vegetable garden, in a corner of the compound of his house after his day’s busy programme at his studio.

Modern life is very complex. It is full of worry and hurry. Everybody is too busy to stand and stare. The wear and tear of the mind and the body go on. Everybody is so absorbed in affairs that he has no time to relax and get away from his work and worries. Everybody is over worked. The result is that the majority of people suffer from physics and mental disorders which hasten one’s end.

Leisure does not mean that we should just sit and smoke away our time or wander about aimlessly. Leisure does not mean idleness It is not to be spent in a round of noisy amusement or in a restless rush of exciting pleasures. It is not to be spent in playing cards gambling, drunkeness and idle gossips. It is an abuse of leisure.

Leisure should restore our energies and so make us fit for work again. A change of occupation is also rest. Reading good book like biographies of great men in our leisure hours is very good. Teaching the illiterate in our leisure hours is the greatest good that we can do to our illiterate brethren. A good action is its own reward.


If we waste time, time shall waste us. In our leisure hours, we can take a long walk. We can go for hiking. We can have a picnic. We can go to a club. We can go to a public library. We can practice swimming.

We learn a bit of carpentry so that we may make small articles for our household use. We may practice painting and photography. We can collect stamps, nests, flowers, match-box labels and photos of smiling faces or we can collect old coins. They are all very educative. Our album of smiling faces shall make us happy and cheerful when we feel sad and melancholy. We can learn music. It gives the best diversion.

In brief, leisure is a necessity in the interest of health and efficiency. It prolongs our life and makes it worth living. We don’t feel bored.