The Indian youth are by far the best in the world and this is mainly due the heritage and the glorious Indian history. In India the youngsters are cared upon by the elders and are entrusted upon by all the social and religious responsibilities, where they are brought up in an environment which clearly shows the guidelines which they are expected to follow and also the various needs they have to fulfill.

They are brought up to love the country and respect the elders. Thus growing up in a culture rich and responsible environment helps them become better people. The vast cultural diversity also helps them understand the value of humanity and heritage. It is a well known fact that in the United States of America, considered as the software capital of the world, most of the people working there are South Asians. And 90% amongst them are of Indian origin. In the present scenario the development being seen in India is largely dependent on this young generation.

The country has shown the most technological advancement and this is largely possible due to the fact that the youth of the country are responsible citizens. Unlike few countries where a large number of youth are involved in anti social activities, the Indian youth are involved in developing successful careers which also leads to a successful national economy.

India has the largest number of graduates every year, a fact that shows the mindset of the youth. Be it sports, politics, cinema, art, or social service, the Indian youth are first in line. We can boast of people like Rahul Gandhi, Narain Karthikeyan, Sania Mirza, and the large number of doctors, engineers and their achievements. But a lot still has to be done. As Doctor Karan Singh says the Indian youth have to work on 4 spheres to be successful and carry the burden of leading India.


These being physical, mental, spiritual and most importantly patriotism. The Indian youth are the future of our country. They are mainstay of India’s success and have to responsibly carry on the good work. There is only one phrase to summarize them: Indian Youth-by far the best.