351 Words Short Essay on Library




Library is a place where we can find educational books and magazines. We get the books and magazines in a library in free of cost for some weeks. It is a place where we can also denote books for others to read. We should also follow the rules and regulations of a library.


Types of Library:

In Nepal, there are many libraries. They are divided into 2 types. One is called governmental library while other one is called private library. The library which is built by government is called  governmental library. The library which is made by group of people is called private library. Awon Library is an example of private library.


Libraries are totally important for us. They have a great usefulness for us. They are the great means of education. They are one of the important place providing education. They provide us books and magazines including education related to the whole world. We can know about new places by reading the books located in a library. Libraries are the most important part of our education in our daily life.


Rules and Regulation

There are different rules and regulations to be followed by us. These rules and regulations carry an important part of discipline. In a library, we should keep silence. We should keep the books in a proper manner after reading them. We should not throw the books here and there. We should not tear the pages or write in the pages of the books from the library. These are the rules and regulations of a library.


There are many rules and usefulness of a library. We should use books of a library by trying to get education. We shouldn’t  be undisciplined in a library.




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