21 Ecology and Plant Geography Questions from Previous Years’ Papers


21 Ecology and Plant Geography Questions from Previous Years’ Papers

1. Write short notes on the following:

(a) Carbon cycle in an ecosystem (Give diagrammatic representation).


(b) Acid rain and its impact on vegetation and human habitation.

(c) Community dynamics.

(d) Conservation of endangered plant species.

(e) Water Pollution


3. Give a brief account of various factors responsible for water pollution. Suggest methods to control water pollution of important rivers of India.

4. Write short notes on the following:

(a) Ecosystem

(b) Kranz Syndrome


(c) Social Forestry

(d) Air pollution

(e) Global warming

5. Where are the National Botanical Gardens and Lloyd Botanical Gardens? How are the herbaria in botanical gardeps arranged?


6. Define and distinguish any four major ecosystems of India.

7. What do you understand by ecosystem?

8. How would you maintain an ecosystem?

9. Discuss the causes and consequences of water pollution.


10. What is meant by biodiversity and how can it be conserved?

11. Enumerate various forest types of India.

12. Explain the concepts and dynamics of Community.

13. Describe the characteristics of different categories of Aquatic ecosystem.

14. Write short notes on the following:

(a) Bioindicators

(b) Red Data Books

(c) Intellectual Property Rights

15. Explain the characteristics of various forest types of India.

16. Explain forests as renewable resources.

17. What is the significance of ozone layer? What are the contributing factors for its depletion and what can be the possible consequences?

18. Illustrate the energy flow in an aquatic ecosystem.

19. Give a comparative account on the biogeochemical cycle of nitrogen and phosphorus.

20. Describe any two biogeochemical cycles studied by you.

21. Examine various aspects of global warming and suggests suitable measures to control the same.

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