16 Practical Hints on Essay Writing


1. Choose, as a general rule, the topic that you know best. (Often narrative and descriptive subjects are easier to write on.)

2. First jot down your ideas and carefully make a rough-sketch. Then arrange these ideas in a logical order.

3. The beginning must be a good one, for an attractive beginning puts the reader into “a pleasantly receptive frame of mind”.


4. Always keep to the point.

5. Try to write clear and simple English.

6. Put the right word in the right place.

7. Each separate paragraph must deal with each main division of the topic.


8. The middle portion of the essay should be devoted to the proper thrashing out of the subject. Try to include all the important points connected with the theme.

9. The end should be equally impressive giving a bird’s-eye- view of the theme.

10. Do not write in the first person unless the subject definitely demands it.

11. See to it that your handwriting is legible.


12. Be on your guard against grammar and spelling mistakes.

13. Correct punctuation always brings about clarity of expression. You should learn where exactly you should put different punctuation marks.

14. In an essay quality is more important than quantity.

15. Always revise your work. Spend at least 5 minutes on revision.


16. And, finally, study some good essays as models.


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