15 tips for Electrical Energy Utilisation


(i) Improve power factor by installing capacitors to reduce kVA demand charges and also line losses within the plant.

(ii) Install power factor correction capacitors near loads.

(iii) Reduce maximum demand by staggering the load. Meter electricity to all main areas of use consumption and monitor them regularly.


(iv) While buying motors, give more importance to lifecycle costing, rather than first costs. Purchase only energy efficient motors. Longer stator & rotor motor is desirable

(iv) Even though theoretically, rewound motors should have the same effi­ciency. practically an efficiency loss of up to 5% has been observed. It is suggested that rewound motors, if at all to be used, should be used only on low duty cycle applications.

(vii) Where the load on the motor is always less than 4% and there is no substitute motor available, a change over from Delta to Star connection may be considered.

(viii) Use variable frequency drives, slip power recovery systems, fluid cou­pling etc., for variable speed applications such as fans, pumps, etc., in place of inlet guide vanes, dampers, discharge valves, etc.


(ix) Operate transformers at optimal loading. Switch off transformer when not needed.

(x) Install voltage stabilisers/boosters where voltage fluctuations are high.

(xi) Wherever electric heating is applied, try to replace the same with steam heating or thermal heating.

(xii) Use of electrical ballast in place of conventional choke saves up to 20 per cent energy.


(xiii) Replacing aluminum or fabricated steel fans by molded FRP fans with aerofoil designs results in electricity savings between 15 and 40 per cent.

(xiv) Improper selection of pumps can lead to large wastage of energy. A pump with 85 per cent efficiency at rate flow may have only 65 per cent efficiency at half the flow.

(xv) Loose belts between pumps and motors can save between 15-20 per cent energy.

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