12 most frequently asked questions on Indicators of Development. This will help you to get valuable information on this subject.

Q. 1. What do you understand by per capital income as indicator of development?

Ans. Per capital income is the significant indicator of development.

Q. 2. Define per capital income.


Ans. Per capital income can be represented as NNPfc at constant price, divided by the size of population.

Q. 3. Give any one suggestion to improve the per capital income.

Ans. The distribution of national income of individuals should be counted.

Q. 4. What do you mean by Quality of Life Index?


Ans. It is a better measure as compared to national income. Welfare is not affected by national income alone but it is also influenced by education, health and environment etc.

Q. 5. Who gave the indicator of Physical Quality of Life Index (PQLI)?

Ans. D. Morris.

Q. 6. Explain Human Development Index (HDI).


Ans. Quality of life index prepared and published by the United Nations Organization is called HDI. Human Development Index is based upon basic human capabilities, such as (1) longevity, (2) educational attainment and (3) standard of living. Q. 7. Name the choice of indicators of Physical Quality of Life Index.

Ans. (i) Life Expectancy Indicator

(ii) Infant Mortality Indicator, and

(iii) Basic Literacy Indicator


Q. 8 State the formula of positive indicator of Physical Quality of Life Index.

Ans. Achievement Level = Actual Value – Minimum Value / Maximum Value – Minimum Value

Q. 9. Give the formula of negative indicator of Physical Quality of Life Index.

Minimum Value – Actual Value


Ans. Achievement Level = Minimum Value – Actual Value / Maximum Value – Minimum Value

Q. 10. Give the Indicators of human development.

Ans. (i) Longevity.

It is measured by life expectancy at birth.


(ii) Educational attainment:

It is measured by adult literacy rate and Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER).

(iii) Standard of living.

It is measured by real GDP per capital.

Q. 11. How human development index is constructed?

Ans. Step 1.

Calculation of life expectancy, educational attainment and real GDP per capital index.

Step 2.

Calculation of simple average of all the three indicates. It will result in Human Development Index.

Q. 12. Explain Quality of Life Index.

Ans. Quality of life index is an indicator to measure the standard of living of the people in an economy which in turn is influenced by national and per capita income.