11 essential Duties and Responsibilities of Police in India


According to National Police Commission set up by the Government of India in 1977, the following are the duties and responsibilities of the police :

i) to promote and preserve public order

ii) Investigate crimes


iii) identify problems and situations that are likely lead to crimes;

iv) reduce the opportunities for the commission of crimes through preven­tive patrol and other police measures;

v) aid and cooperate with other relevant agencies in implementing appro­priate measures for prevention of crimes;

vi) aid individuals who are in danger of physical harm;


vii) create and maintain a feeling of security in the community;

viii) facilitate orderly movement of people and vehicles;

ix) counsel and resolve conflicts and promote amity;

x) provide other appropriate services and provide relief to people in dis­tress; and


xi) collect intelligence reports relating to matters affecting public peace and crimes in general including social and economic offences, national integrity and security.

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