10 methods for avoiding accidental poisoning in your home


Poisoning is a leading cause of accidental death. Most victims of poison accidents are children between two and five years of age. These accidents occur as a result of the carelessness of adults in the home. Hence strict safety measures should be taken to prevent such hazards among children.

i. All medicines, disinfectants, household cleaners should be well out of reach of children.

ii. All containers should be labeled. The bottles containing poison should be labeled, in red ink or with large letters.


iii. All poisonous drugs should be kept away from other medicines preferably under lock and key.

iv. Children should not be allowed to eat heads of matchsticks or coloured papers for they contain chemicals that are injurious to health.

v. No drug should be used after its expiry date is over.

vi. Older children should be taught the hazards of poisoning.


vii. All drugs should be poured from the opposite side to the label to prevent it being disfigured.

viii.The key to cupboard containing poisonous medicines and chemical should be kept only by a reliable person.

ix. Medicine bottles or containers should not be thrown out where children can find them or use their contents.

x. Prompt disposal of unused drugs is important.

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