Best $35 Aakash Tablet Alternatives – Low Cost Androids you should Buy


The Datawind Aakash Table is one of the cheapest tablet device available in the market. This device by Datawind proves that a tablet device can be made for a cost below $50, proved by India. Continue reading to know the review about the low cost Aakash Tablet.

Display, Design and Form factor

The tablet is light in weight and looks like the 7-inch tablets released by iBall Slide and Novo 7, but the sides are not so impressive. It is the USB ports located at the sides that makes it look a little unimpressive.


Also the MircoSD card slot which is located above the ports could have kept aside. The front side looks better without any promotions or logos expect for the Ubislate7 logo on the left top side. The back side of the tablet is rubbery which makes it resistant to scratches and dust.

There is a big sticker with name and some information about the tablet at the bottom. At the top we can see 2 USB ports, the Micro or Mini USB ports which is seen in most tablets and phones.

The charging port is located on the left side with the power/lock switch at the bottom. There is a 1inch slit in the bottom section of the front side which is the homey key, which has to be pressed hard to go back to the home screen.

Operating System, Interface, Apps and Battery


The tablet come with Android 2.2. Froyo OS, looks good but have some non-functioning applications with it.There is no Android market, No camera, No speaker in the device. We may hope to see improvements from this trend in later updates.

There is some problem with the display, even after setting the screen timeout set to 30 sec or 1minute it goes only after some 10 minutes. The home screen and lock screen both display a message “No Service” telling that no network is available. There is some problem with the battery indicator, even if the battery is fully dried and placed for charging for some 15 minutes it shows fully charged.


Wi-Fi, that helps you connect to the internet faces some problems, even if the Wi-Fi router has a strength of 80% the tablet shows only 25%. Also Wi-Fi didn’t search for automatically the next time until we toggle it on and off again. There is no other option for connectivity.


Overall Review

So far, the review shows that Aakash tablet lacks many features which could have given a good experience to the users. The tablet has worst speed when running 2 applications together even though  it has a 366 Mhz processor. The touch response of the Aakash tablet is not so good. It seems that the battery doesn’t stay long for more than 1 hour even after the tablet is fully charged. But it cannot be considered drawbacks for such a cheap tablet ranged at about 3000Rs.

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