7 most important Benefits of Programme Evaluation and Review Technique


7 Most Important Benefits of Programme Evaluation and Review Technique are:

(1) It can suitably be used for projects such as the establishment of a new department, the introduction of a new product, the conduct of research and development, the assembling of a large piece of machinery.

(2) If forces management to plan carefully and study how the various parts fit into the whole project.


(3) It gives the management a tool for predicting the impact of schedule changes and be prepared to correct such- situations. Bottlenecks and potential trouble spots are discovered early enough so as to apply some preventive measures or corrective actions.

(4) A large amount of data can be presented in a highly ordered fashion. The task relationships are graphically represented for earlier evaluation and individuals in different locations can easily determine their role in the total task requirements.

(5) The PERT time (Te) is based upon 3-way estimate and hence is the most objective time in the light of uncertainties and results in greater degree of accuracy in time forecasting..

(6) It results in improved communications. The network provides a common ground for various involved parties such a designers, contractors, project managers etc., and they understand each other’s role and contributions.


(7) The network will highlight areas that require attention of higher priority so that concentration can be applied to the key jobs without ignoring the lower priority tasks. This gives the management an opportunity to shift attention to any critical task so that the entire project is completed in time.

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