7 Disadvantages of Participative or democratic leadership


7 Disadvantages of Participative or democratic leadership are:

a) The democratic leadership requires some favoruable conditions in that the labour must be literate, informed and organised. This is not always possible.

b) This approach assumes that all workers are genuinely interested in organisation and that their individuals are goals successfully fused with the organisational goals. This assumption may not always be valid.


c) There must be a total trust on the part of management as well as employees. Some employees may consider this approach simply an attempt to manipulate them. Accordingly the employees must be fully receptive to this approach to make it meaningful.

d) Some group members may feel alienated, if their ideas are not accepted for action. This may create a feeling of frustration and ill-will.

e) This approach is very time consuming and too many view-points and ideas may take the- solid decision more difficult and may be a source of frustration to impatient management.

f) Some managers maybe uncomfortable with this approach because they may fear erosion of their power base and their control over labour.


g) This approach relies heavily on incentives and motivation of recognition, appreciation, status and prestige. The labour may be more interested in financial incentives instead of prestige.

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