“Preserve Articles.com is not anyone else, it’s about you and me, and it will become what we will make it.”

Project: –

Preserve Articles.com (PA) is a phenomenal website that aims to Preserve your articles for eternity. Believe it or not, we are going to preserve one million articles within a matter of years. Right now you must be thinking about Wikipedia or other Encyclopedias, but let me clarify you that our mission is a hundred times bigger and wider than the things or sites you have seen in the recent past.

Our project aims to create a next generation interface:

1. To facilitate you to share your articles, information, knowledge and wisdom at PA.


2. To connect all the digital libraries of the world for research oriented works.

3. And to Organize and Preserve Resources for our future generations.

Online Certificate

We are proud to felicitate all our incredible authors with an “Expert Author Certificate”, for publishing their articles on this website.

How to get your Expert Author Certificate?

1. Login to this website and submit at least 10 (Ten) original articles within 10 days.


2. Update your Profile and upload your Passport size photograph. [Mandatory]

3. And then email us the following things:

a. Your Name

b. Address


c. Parents/ Guardian Name

d. Qualification

e. And a scan copy of your DL/Voter ID or anything similar for authentication. (If you have Facebook Profile then this becomes Optional)

4. Once your articles are approved, you will get your “Expert Author Certificate


Note: Original certificate will be emailed to you in electronic format.