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3 Interactive ways to improve your academic career

1. Get Experience Certificate

We will provide you an ‘Experience Certificate’ in electronic format that includes your name, father/mother/ guardian name, your address and photograph (Passport size). Once this certificate is awarded to you, you can take a printout of it, and this will help you to add another wonderful certificate to boot your Resume and Profile.

2. Preserve Your Articles

Today, we are living in the age of Internet where we can search the sum total of human knowledge by the stroke of a second. One should not forget that anything, in fact, everything we find over the net, is contributed by someone, some good persons, who enjoyed sharing their knowledge for the overall benefit of the entire world’s population. Information creates power and knowledge creates wisdom.

In day to day life, from childhood to adulthood and from adulthood to old age, we keep on writing notes, articles, stories, essays, poetries, and etc, but we should now look around, and ask our self, have we ever preserved these documents? As majority of you will answers a big ‘No’.


In fact, we act to be so busy, that we forget those small things that create big impacts in life. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing, if you preserve and share all your article, information, knowledge and wisdom at one palace (PA), so that others can read it, and you can also show will works to your parents, friends and relatives. And remember, in this process of interacting with Preserve Articles, your academic career will automatically improve to extreme levels.

3. Help others and get helped!

The law of success concludes that what goes out comes in. If you will show kindness towards others, the rest of the world will be kind towards you. Thus, if you will help others by publishing your articles on PA then the Law of Success, the rule of the Universe, will start arranging everything, for giving you a phenomenal life – A life that you always dream about.

“The greatest help you can do to yourself is by Helping Others.”

Thus, it could be easily concluded that if you will help other to improve their academic career, in the process of doing so; your academic career will be automatically improved to extreme levels, by the virtue of the LAW OF ATTRACTION.