Where Can I Write Blogs?



Where Can I Write Blogs?

If you enjoy to create blog posts but don't want to host your own blog, you can create blog on-line instead of using a blog platform to build your personal blog for free. Nowadays there are many sites on the web where you can set up a blog. In this guide I will share with you some of the websites I use to create blog posts in my daily blogging life. Simply register with these services and begin writing, you will have a lot of fun at blogging.

How To Choose?

There are a number of sites online where you can create a blog nowadays. Nearly all of the sites that I usually visit are very easy to use, and I find that I in most cases make my choice based on how simple it is to navigate around the website.

When you are choosing where to blog at, I do not always suggest that you use ease of navigation as your main choosing point. If you feel a certain website would be where to blog at for you, then try them out.

Keep in mind that you can always try many websites, or stop using a certain website if you do not like it.

Top 4 Blog Sites

Now I will share with you some of the sites I work with to write blog in my daily blogging life. Simply register with these services and begin writing, you will have lots of fun at blogging.

1. Blogger.com - the blog system of Google, This is one of the very best sites to write blog. You can set up as many blogs as you would like. Blogger also enables you to add more codes for example Google AdSense code that is very useful for earning money.

Top Futures:

- The blogs will be hosted by Google at a subdomain of blogspot.com. Blogger service enables you to point your BlogSpot subdomain to your personal domain (with a fee) if you prefer.

- Blogger allowed users to upload blogs on different hosts, by E-mail.

- Blogger enables users to modify the Blogger template.

- Not only posting blog posts. Bloggers can insert codes like Google's AdSense code as a way of producing money.

2. WordPress.com. A very best blog service is just like blogger.com in which you can make and publish as much blogs as you wish. This service runs on wordpress blog platform. This service provides you with many powerful features for writing blog but if you want to modify your theme as well as your blog, you need to pay some fees for that.

3. Weebly.com. this is one of the most famous site builders on the web. Weebly.com also offers you with building and writing blogs as well. It provides you with many tools, widgets to build a website, blog like Feed reader, social widgets, AdSense widgets. But mainly, you can modify your themes and change your theme's html code.

4. Tumblr.com. If you want to build a blog which includes rich media, Tumblr.com is perfect place. The blog service and the technology are free to use.

Customization capability is very good, and advertisements are only very seldom shown on your blog articles.

Top Futures:

- This service enables you to build a Tumblr subdomain like this onlinekingtools.tumblr.com.

- Tumblr enables you to use your custom domain name.

- For creating a blog post, you can select several post types: Text, Photo, Quote, Link, Video.

- Share your Tumblr blogposts in your News Feed, auto send your Tumblr blogposts to your Twitter account.

- You can create and publish posts by using E-mail.

- Allow for you to customize your themes, even revise your theme's HTML code.

All the best Everyone!

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