Short Essay on Jamshid Qutb Khan (A.D. 1543—A.D. 1550)


Jamshid ascended the throne on September 2, 1543 and assumed the title of Jamshid Qutb Shah. He blinded one of his brothers, Qutb-ud-din while another Ibrahim took shelter at Bidar where he was cordially received by Ali Barid.

The latter championed his cause and marched towards Golkonda. Jamshid approached Burhan Nizam Shah for help. Barid had to retreat to Bidar to save it from the invader and Ibrahim took refuge at Vijayanagar where he was given a jagir. He spent seven years there and returned to Golkonda, only after the death of his brother.

Jamshid had to join Burhan in his efforts to conquer Sholapur which was besieged by the confederate forces. Meanwhile, Adil Shah and Ali Barid marched towards Parenda. Jamshid turned back and with great courage forced Adil Shah to retire.


Jamshid now tried to teach a lesson to Barids by capturing the fort of Medak. His campaign was partially successful and he was able to occupy the country around Kaulas. He did not, however, give up hope and in collaboration with Burhan, and Ala-ud-din Imad Shah he invested Ali Barid’s territory. He wrested Medak and returned triumphantly to his dominions.

By sheer tact and diplomacy, Jamshid was able to raise the position of Golkonda among the rulers of the Deccan. He became an arbiter in their disputes and his help and advice was sought after by other rulers.

Both Burhan and Adil Shah who were involved in a conflict over Sholapur approached him for help. He refused to take sides but as a mediator called upon Ibrahim to release Ali Barid whom he had treacherously imprisoned him to his throne. Thus he was able to make up with his arch enemy Ali Barid who now owed his liberty and throne to him.

He fell ill and died on 22 January, 1550, due to a cancerous growth.

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