Essay on Germany: Controlling the cultural life of the people with a view to promote spirit of patriotism


Every effort was made to control the cultural life of the people with a view to promote spirit of patriotism. Special text­books were prepared in history under the direction of the party leaders which presented the past historical developments in new prospective. Effort was made to show that all that was best in the Russian past was being guarded by the Soviet leaders.

They impressed on the citizens that it was their pious duty to protect the same even by the laying down their lives. The Soviet writers were encouraged to adopt methods of ‘social realism’ and use their writings to educate the Soviet people both in the values of Soviet society and general cultural values.

Great attention was paid to the social welfare of the people. Not only facilities like medical and health care were made available to the people during sickness, disability, solid age, greater attention was also paid to their recreation. Parks, rest houses, cultural centres and canteens were established for the workers in factories and communal farms. To enable the women to work creeches etc. were established. These measures went a long way in improving the general living conditions of the workers and peasants.


It is evident from the above discussion that Soviet Union went through great transformation in the economic and social sphere in the years after revolution and emerged as a much stronger country.

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