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Fourteenth November is connected with the birth of Pandit Jawahar Lai Nehru, who was the First Prime Minister of Independent India. He loved the children very deeply. Children too loved him.

His great love for children resulted in Children’s day. Hence his birthday is celebrated as the day of Indian Children or Children’s day.

Children lovingly call him ‘Chacha Nehru’. Pandit Nehru loved roses very much. To him all the children were like red roses. He saw the progress and prosperity of India in the children of the land. He was very fond of the tiny tots. The toddlers were the apple of his eyes.


This day is celebrated with great pomp and show throughout the country. Children of the country are honoured. Love is showered on them. All the programmes of the day are child-oriented. Child is the pivot of our attention. He is the hero of the day. He is fondled.

The schools observe this day with lot of fun and frolic. The teachers are merely spectators. It is entirely children’s programme. It is to be honoured by one and all. Children are reminded of the great ideals of Pandit Nehru for which he lived and died. Love of the country was upper most to Chacha Nehru. Children must become true patriots like Nehru.

They should be made aware of Nehru’s contribution to the nation. They should be taught the moral and value based life which was so dear to Nehruji. They should work sincerely for the progress of the country.

Many cultural programmes are held. Children have all mirth and merriment. Actually to Nehru, children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. This day reminds us our duty towards our children.


According to the proposal of U.N.O., every countiy has to celebrate a children’s day on different dates to think over the welfare of children. In India we treat 14th day of November as Children’s day.

This year also the Children’s Day was celebrated in our school with great zeal and enthusiasm. The children themselves organised the whole function. The compound of the school was beautifully decorated with multicoloured buntings. Balloons were also hanging in large number. A good seating arrangement was made for the teachers and the students.

The Principal was the honourable guest at the function.

After the arrival of the Principal a well organised programme started. The first item was Vande Matram’ the National Song. Then there was an item of the “Mangal Gaan”. A girl student was in leading role of “Bharat Mata”. She was looking very pretty in her white dress and crown on her head. In the one hand she was holding the National Flag and with the other hand she was giving the blessings to all. It was a beautiful song and everyone liked it.


Then there was a play in English. The title of the play was “Veer Shiva”. It was all about the acts of bravery of Shivaji. Then there were few songs in English and Hindi. A girl student read a poem about “Chacha Nehru” and his great works towards country. A student posed himself as “Nehruji” wearing the same dress and having a rose bud in his coat’s button hole. He gave some parts of the speeches in Nehruji’s style and tone. After this the packets of sweets were distributed among students and teachers. Every body was very happy.

Thus, children’s day is a day which brings happy moments in the life of the children. But at the same time, it also reminds them their duties and responsibilities to the nation. Children must take a vow to follow the path shown by their beloved Chacha Nehru. That will be the best tribute the departed soul.

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