462 Words Short Essay on if I were a Scientist


Seeing the world of today and the developments in the scientific fields, I would also love to be a scientist. Moreover in the world of these days – it is felt that, Science its study and growth are the in things, so, I would also love to be a scientist.

However, if I was a scientist my attempt would be to use all the knowledge of Science for only peaceful purposes. Today, no doubt, Science has given the society several gifts which have made life wonderful, comfortable and modern.

Yet, there is also the other side of the coin which is more heavily decorated and that is the side of Science and scientific knowledge being used for destructive capacities. It is this side of the coin which hurts me, and I start feeh-ng that, if I was a scientist I would do more for the benefit of man rather than find ways and means of the world’s destruction.


Towards the lighter side of life, and seeing the near madness of people to attain beautiful and slim figures by any means, I would work towards some natural means of making and keeping people slim and sleek.

This I would achieve by extracting the means from nature, and use Science to make it a workable object of use by fat people. In this also I feel that, all the gadgets used and made by science are enough to destroy the natural health of the people and achieve figures for a short while.

The nuisance of over population has been handled by several means scientifically but all has been of no avail. I would look for some scientific formulae for people to use and get fewer children, or at least when they want them and can afford them.

Regarding the capacity of Science being used for destruction of the world, I would look for some scientific formulae and apparatus to destroy the capacity in all scientific implements.


I would try to negate the effects of all scientific developments which are directed towards self annihilation of the world. In this way as a scientist I would try to touch upon the items of growth of Science which are either noneffective or destructive. I would be a scientist who sees the evil of Science just as well as the good done by Science.

If my wings help me to fly high in my pursuit of Science, I am sure one day, all destructive elements of scientific researches would have been destroyed and man would then live in a very comfortable world led by science without any fear of losses due to scientific developments. That would be the day I’d like to see arise on the horizon of the advancing world all love and no hate or fear.

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