Sample essay on Major Human Endocrine Glands



There are special chemicals that regulates the physiological processes In animals. These chemicals are known» hormones.

Endocrine Glands


The organs by which hormones are seemed are called endocrine glands also known as ductless glands. The secretion of such glands are Internal and pour their secretions Into the blood” lymph,

Following are the some major endocrine glands and their secretion and functions,

There are some Important ducted glands also which secret useful hormones such as :

Liver secretes bile.


Pancreas secretes pancreatic Juice.

Salivary glands secrete saliva.

Lachrymal glands secrete tears.

Mammary glands secrete milk.


Pituitary gland Is known as master gland.

Due to lack of Iodine In human beings the thyroid glands do not function properly and goiter develops.

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