Here is your sample essay on – Feedback


Feedback refers to the response or reaction of the receiver to the sender. Feedback can be in various forms, i.e. through the same channel or medium or through a different one. Developmental communication is incomplete without feedback.

Communication is not an end in itself. Feedback influences communication. How it influences depends on whether the communicator received positive feedback or negative feedback. If one receives laughter or clapping from the audience while delivering a lecture, he feels encouraged.

Feedback is immediate in one to one communication. It is more restricted in formal situations. The communication cycle is incomplete without feedback. It is source oriented, and exerts control over future message.


It contributes to the stability and equilibrium of a communication process. For any developmental programme to succeed, adequate and correct feedback is necessary when a development practitioner receives feedback, he comes to know the positive and negative sides of his work and he is able to plan his subsequent activities on the basis of this knowledge.

Thus, it enhances the confidence of the communicator and receiver in what they have accomplished by communicating with each other. Absence of feedback may give rise to doubts in the minds of both sender and receiver.

Discouragement from the communicator to give feedback, language and cultural barriers, untimely messages, socio-economic barriers or nature of the channel could be some of the reasons for getting no or poor feedback.

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