What is the price of a Blackberry Curve 9220 in India?


The price of a Blackberry Curve 9220 is still yet to be announced.

This phone is one of the best Blackberry phones to date. It has a 2.44 inch QVGA display with a Wi-Fi 802.11. The good thing about this phone is it also has a 512 MB of RAM for internal memory. You could also increase the memory by inserting a MicroSD on the slot provided. This phone is soon to be released by mid of 2012.

The camera that they will put in this phone is a 2 megapixel rear camera. It also runs in BlackBerry OS 7.1. If you want a QWERT type of keyboard then this phone will best suite you.


Like many other Blackberry phones, it also has a QWERTY keyboard. You could also listen to the radio with this phone because it has a built in FM radio feature. We are all excited on what more features this phone will have. But for now we just have to wait until it launches in the market.

Truly a lot of BlackBerry fans out there are staying tuned on the developments of this phone. You still have time to prepare your budget for this phone although it is less likely that it would cost so much.

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