What are the various party systems existing in various countries?


Party systems:

(i) One-party system:

(a) In some countries, only one party is allowed to control and run the government. It is called a one-party system.


(b) We cannot consider one party system as a good option because this is not a democratic option.

(c) Any democratic system must allow at least two parties to compete in elections and provide a fair chance for the competing parties to come to power.

Example: Communist party of China.

(ii) Two-party system:


(a) In some countries, power usually changes between two main parties.

(b) Here, only the two main parties have a serious chance of winning majority seats to form the government

Example: USA and UK.

(iii) Multi-party system:


(a) If several parties compete for power, and more than two parties have a reasonable chance of coming to power, either on their own or in alliance with others, it is called a multi-party system.

(b) The multi-party system often appears very messy and leads to political instability.

(c) At the same time, this system allows a variety of interests and opinions to enjoy political representation.

Example: India.


Coalition government:

NDA, UPA, Left front.

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