Recommendations of Hanumatha Rao committee on district level planning


(1) Treat district as a part of multi-level planning framework.

(2) Divide State Government funds into state sector fund and district sector fund and allocate district sector fund rationally to each district.

(3) Differentiate between district sector funds committed to State department schemes in the district and those available for the district level to utilize at its own discretion.


(4) Encourage the raising of funds locally for use in the district.

(5) Have a single planning, coordinating and monitoring body at the district level.

(6) Have District planning cells in State Plan Department to coordinate and guide the district bodies

(7) Plan jointly for both rural and urban areas.


(8) Integrate DRDA/Planning, sect oral departmental planning and famine relief work planning.

(9) The collector should be the coordinator at the district level of all developmental and planning activities and play an important role in the district planning body.

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