8 points explaining the basis of Latent Heat


Get information about 8 important point that explains the basis of Latent Heat.

1. If a drop of a volatile liquid like ether is placed on the hand, a cooling sensation is felt as it evaporates. This is because the ether absorbs the latent heat required for evaporation from the hand, which therefore feels cool.

2. A burn from steam is mote dangerous than a burn from boiling water. The steam first condenses into water at 1000 C. In doing so, it gives out its latent heat of 2268 j/g to the person’s body causing a more severe burn.


3. 10 g of ice at 00 is more effective in cooling a drink than 10 g of water at 00 C. This is because the ice at 00 C first melts into water at 00 C . In doing so, it absorbs the latent heat of 336 j/g required for melting from the drink itself, which therefore gets cooler.

4. Ponds and lakes in cold countries freeze from the top at a very slow rate as 336J of heat energy is to be extracted for every gram of water to freeze. Thus aquatic animals are able to survive in the water below.

5. Farmers water their fields if frost is excepted. This is because 336 J of heat energy is liberated when one gram of water freezes into ice. This heat energy protects from damage, as the surroundings are kept warm.

6. In a steam engine, every gram of steam that condenses liberates 2268 J of heat energy. This is converted into mechanical energy for the running of locomotives.


7. The human body maintains a temperature of 36.90C even though the outside temperature may rise to about 450C because the human body perspires. The perspiration evaporates due to which latent heat is absorbed from the body, which keeps cool.

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