Short paragraph on the Development of Atomic Energy in India


At present, three Atomic energy centers are functioning in the country while the fourth is under construction and fifth one is to be installed. The first atomic energy centre was set up in Tarapur. This Plant was established in 1969, on the border line of Gujarat and Maharashtra, near Bombay. At present, its annual capacity to produce electricity is 42 lac kilowatts.

The second plant is situated in Rajasthan, built on the Rana Pratap Sagar Dam near Kota. The third centre of atomic energy is in Kalapakkam near Madras, in Tamil Nadu state.

The optimum capacity of these two plants is equal to that of Tarapur atomic centre. The Kalapakkam atomic energy centre has been set up entirely by the sincere efforts of Indian engineers.


The fourth Atomic energy centre in India is under construction at Naroura in Bulandshahar district in West Uttar Pardesh, on the bank of the Ganga. It is decided that this centre will meet the requirements of agriculture sector.

Thus India is the first country, where atomic energy is being generated to serve the needs of agriculture. The proposed fifth atomic energy centre is to be erected on the Tapti River in Kakapara region.

The development of atomic energy centers in India has been possible due to the availability of Atomic Research Centre, Atomic Technology and Atomic Minerals in abundance, in Tomboy. In India the development of atomic energy has proved really helpful in the discovery of medicines, to improve the quality of seeds and fulfill the peaceful objectives.

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