Paragraph on where wealth accumulates, men decay


Moderation is best in all things. When one has too much of anything, be it wealth, beauty or strength, one is tempted to abuse it and in the process life is ruined. A man, who has too much of wealth, will spend lavishly on all things including food. Excess food, especially if it is fatty, will ruin one’s health. Too much wealth makes many lose their balance and they indulge in all kinds of vices and go all out to satisfy their carnal desires. If excess eating is accompanied by liquor and indiscriminate gratification of one’s carnal desires that is a sure road to one’s ruin. Too much wealth also makes one haughty and inhuman. Of course, there are exceptions. But generally too much of wealth makes one lose human qualities and that person behaves like a beast believing in the maxim that might or physical strength that emanates from excess wealth is always right. As one tastes excess wealth, he does not hesitate to adopt any means to earn more of it. With morals and ethics receding to the background, a man who is very rich decays both physically and mentally.

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