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The prolonged negotiations convinced the Egyptian leadership of the futility of arriving at a negotiated settlement with Britain. Therefore, the Egyptian leaders hinted at the possibility of taking an independent action to abrogate the Anglo-European Treaty of 1936.

In views of the dilatory attitude of the British Government to find a solution of the problem, and the growing resentment among the Egyptian people, the Prime Minister of Egypt declared on 8 October 1951, “Since the continued efforts for the realization of the country’s demands for negotiation has proved a failure, it is time for governments to fulfil its promise pronounced in the last speech from the throne and take the necessary step for the abrogation of the 1936 treaty and the two convenĀ­tions of 19th January and 10th July 1899, concerning the administration of Sudan.”

Egypt justified its action on the basis of natural rights, outstanding justice and lofty principles embodied in the UN Charter. This action of the Egyptian Government was widely acclaimed by the people and politiĀ­cal parties in the country.

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