167 Words Short paragraph for kids on the Dog


Dogs are kept as our pets. They are called our domestic animals. It is a faithful animal and is devoted to his master. Such a rare quality is found in dogs only. dog has four legs. It is of many colours and of many breeds. It also differs in size. Some dogs are even kept in the pocket.

Dogs help us in various ways. Hounds or the hunting dogs kill prey for their masters. Some dogs are tamed to tend sheep. They watch out­houses ^and keep strangers, thieves, animals out of the house. Dogs are also used to locate criminals.. They are kept with police for investigation. It has sharp ears. Even a slightest noise can disturb its sleep and make it alert. A dog recognises its master and family members very well and can even die in order to save them.

So a dog is a man’s best and true friend. It is very useful to man. It readily dies for the sake of its master.

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