8 important Classification of Organizations


8 important Classification of Organizations

The organizations classified on the basis of their objectives may be the following:

1. Business organizations:


They formed into organizations for earning profits. Companies, partnership firms, sole trading firms are organised along these lines with a profit motive to survive against competition, future expansion and development.

2. Government organizations:

Such organizations serve for the satisfaction of the people and their welfare. They exercise some measure of control. Central and State government undertakings, local bodies etc., come under this category.

3. Protective organizations:


Organizations which protect the citizens from threats and dangers. Example of such organizations are polices, military fire brigades, navy and air force services which shield citizens and the country from danger.

4. Service organizations:

They include voluntary organizations formed for promoting social welfare activities in the country. They are non-profit social organizations.

5. Political organizations:


They seek to elect a member of their group to public office of the country (parliament or legislative body). Political parties, groups and associations come under this category.

6. Religious organizations:

They serve for the attainment of spiritual needs of members and try to convert non-believers to their faith. Churches, mosques, temples, etc. come under this category.

7. Associative organizations:


They satisfy the needs of people to make friendships and to have contact with others who have competitive interests. Clubs, teams, fraternities, etc., come under this category.

8. Educational organizations:

They include schools, colleges, universities, institutes, etc. committed to promote education and knowledge.

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