Short Notes on Vinayaditya-I


Sala has simply to be treated as a non-historical traditional founder of the Hoysala dynasty like Bappa of the Pallavas. The first historical person, however, was Vinayaditya I who ruled from AD 1006 to AD 1022.

We hear of this king fighting a Chola feudatory by name Aprameya in the neighbourhood of Talakad with results favourable to Aprameya for the moment but clearly indicating that a new power to be reckoned with was coming into the picture.

We find again the Hoysala ruler being engaged in a struggle with the ruler of the Kongu contry Kongalva who was engaged in his turn in increasing his territory at the expense of the Kadambas.


In the early struggle between the Hoysalas and the Kongalva the issue seems to have gone in favour of the Hoysala. But the Chalukyan emperor would not tolerate these open skirmishes among chieftains whom he treated as his feudatories.

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