Short notes on the role of ‘intelligence’ in the making of foreign policy


The intelligence, vigilance, diplomatic and political knowledge are the core areas of consideration when the foreign policy of any country is formulated. The various intelligence sources such as Research and Analysis wing (RAW), foreign embassies, news agencies etc. provides crucial clues related to socio-economic and political spheres of life.

Since foreign policy of a country is directly or indirectly related to the realisation of its socioeconomic and political goals, it formulation must requires the knowledge of pros and cons of these spheres.

Which is provided by the intelligence sources? With the help of intelligence sources or diplomatic ties the strategy and ethos of the policy are meticulously framed. Nehruvian foreign policy is still relevant because he was the wity, intelligent and tactful person and thus intelligently framed his policy. Thus, along with intelligence, vision and knowledge are also counted.


The things of strategic importance are not easily revealed by a nation and with the intelligence sources we are able to known it and accordingly formulate our own policy: Whether it may be the Panchsheel of Nehru, Rao-Manmohan formula or Gujral doctrine -all reflects visions and intelligence.

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