Short note the Water Technology Initiative (WTI) Programme


DST’s Programme on ‘Water Technology Initiative’ aims to promote R&D activities to provide safe drinking water at affordable cost and in adequate quantity using appropriate S&T interventions. The focus is to develop holistic solution to the problem of water contamination and water scarcity through development of indigenous systems/ devices to provide safe / and adequate drinking water to households.


Development of simple, cost-effective and easy to operate and maintain point of use (house-hold) and point of distribution (community) units is a challenge which needs application of scientific knowledge from various disciplines. This development has to take into account limitations of the existing technology options and should be able to cater to need for safe drinking water in various situations prevailing in the country.


i. Attempt need to be made to develop non- power or low power dependent systems, technologies and processes. Hybrid concepts to derive synergy of various technologies to enhance their combined effectiveness would be consciously encouraged for development.

ii. Purification processes based on novel materials would be identified and developed into a proven technology system backed by scientific field trials.

iii. Generating technological option for disposal of specific waste generated during contaminants removal.

iv. Demonstration and field trials of indigenous successfully developed technologies for removal of contaminants.


v. Initiating application of nanotechnology, plant materials etc to make radical advances over existing technologies.

The approach followed by the department would include research work to be carried by academic/R&D institutions may be in association with Industry/NGO, wherever feasible and demonstration would be done in association with industry/NGO, wherever feasible and demonstration would be done in association with state governments involving line departments, S&T field groups and local panchayats.

Data pertaining to operation, maintenance, energy consumption etc. shall be systematically collected and scientifically documented.

Department has already developed some necessary steps for the development of technologies for the removal of various hazardous and harmful contaminants such as arsenic, fluoride, iron and dissolved salts. Programme envisages that action oriented studies /Project outcomes shall deliver tangible benefits to the common people and initiatives are required to develop technologies/systems in following areas:


R&D Areas

i. Prototype development of Candles, systems and other suitable structures using innovative material

ii. Applied research and analysis to eliminate contaminants, handling & safe disposal of sludge.

iii. Application of plant derivatives and other novel materials for potable water treatment.


iv. Integrated software Development for remote monitoring.

v. Scientific data generation on evaluation of various traditional & modern technologies.

vi. Up-scaling of technologies available at laboratory scale.

vii. Appropriate techniques to prevent water losses/evaporation /percolation.


viii. Rejuvenation of traditional techniques based on scientific validation and their dissemination.

ix. Capability development for fabrication or filters and storage structures

x. Effective reliable test kits for contaminants, determination

xi. Intelligent sensors for contaminant detection and unit functioning.

DST seeks research based solutions for meeting the prevailing water challenge in various water challenged sites identified by States under an exercise conducted by DS f for support its Water Technology Initiative Programme.

The proposals for addressing these challenges may be submitted in the prescribed format as per guidelines of Water Technology Initiative. The proposals can be submitted by research institutions, academics, State S&T Councils etc. If required, they may collaborate with industries and NGOs.

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