Short note on Crude Death Rates


High crude death rates were observed in Romania (26.3), Yugoslavia (24.9), Spain (24.3), Bulgaria (24.0), Hungary (24.0) and Poland (22.9). In Northern and Western Europe, they were recorded for Norway (13.8) and Denmark (13.9). In 1910-14, Japan in the Asian continent recorded a high death rate (20.8).

It is clear from these facts that while all the countries in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand and countries such as Argentina, Japan and the USSR have experienced declines in crude death rates and that, after the 1950s, the variations in the rates have been comparatively small.

In 1997, the highest crude death rate was observed for Hungary and Eastern Europe (14 per 1000 each), and the lowest for Canada, Australia and Japan (7 per 1000 each).


There is yet another point worth noting is respect of recent mortality trends in developed countries. In recent times, the crude death rates in these countries have recorded fluctuations, with a light upward tendency.

The reason for this phenomenon is to be the age structures of these populations which have become older, resulting in increases in the crude death rates.

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