Brief notes on Sufi influence during the Mughal period


Write about the Sufi influence during the Mughal period. How there was the Hindu-Muslim assimilation in matters of architecture? Name the first building created by the Muslims in India.

a. Sufi Influence:

The syncretism Sufi and Bhakti Movements that made steady progress during the Sultanate period continued steadily during the Mughal period also.


It has been pointed out by Satish Chandra, the eminent historian of the medieval period that Akbar was very much influenced by Sufism that had been preached in the country.

Akbar’s son and successor, Jahangir, was a man of liberal ideas It is known that he took strong action against one Shirhindi who very much opposed the Sufi idea.

Dara Shukoh, son of Sahjahan, was deeply inspired by Akbar and tried to follow his example. Dara went to the extent of saying that there was no fundamental difference between Hinduism and Islam.

Thus it may be said that the cult of Sufism was very much active under the Mughal period.


b. Syncretism in Architecture:

The Muslim Turks brought with them the new technique of art and architecture in this country.

The Persian and Central Asian foreign styles merged with the prevalent Indian style of art and architecture to form a new pattern of Indian art.

For example, the Islamic architectural forms of arch and dome crept into the Indian architecture. Thus Hindu-Muslim assimilation is noticeable in architecture.


c. The first Building:

Quwwat-ul Islam mosque of Delhi was the first building erected by the Muslims in India.

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